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        • Free-Space Operation
        • Fixed and Adjustable Narrowband and Fixed and Adjustable Broadband Versions Available
        • Isolation up to 44 dB
        • High Power Safe, Some Units up to 20 kW/cm2 CW (1 GW/cm2 Pulsed)
        • Manufactured by OFR, a Division of Thorlabs

        Thorlabs offers a wide selection of free-space optical isolators. These isolators typically have higher transmittance and isolation compared to all other isolators on the market. Furthermore, because of certain proprietary features (covered by 25 years of experience and 5 US patents), OFR Isolators are smaller and have higher performance than any units of equivalent aperture available anywhere.

        An optical isolator is a passive magneto-optic device that only allows light to travel in one direction. Isolators are used to protect a source from back reflections or signals that may occur after the isolator. Back reflections can damage a laser source or cause it to mode hop, amplitude modulate, or frequency shift. In high power applications, back reflections can cause instabilities and power spikes. 

        OFR, a company with a 35 year history, became a division of Thorlabs in January 2007. Shortly afterwards, the OFR group began a rapid expansion of its optical isolator production facilities with support from a team of Thorlabs lean manufacturing experts. Driven in large part by the growing demand created by the rapid expansion of the fiber laser market, we are now producing significant volumes of optical isolators.

        If you need an isolator not shown on the following pages or for OEM inquires please call OFR 973-228-4480 and talk to Geetha Abraham or email her directly by clicking here.

        The isolators listed below are organized by operating wavelength, then by aperture size, and finally by maximum power level. The Selection tab offers a complete list of isolators offered at this time and an easy way to view the specifications for each and compare them. On the Isolator Types tab, you can find a short tutorial deliniating the four basic types of isolators offered and a graph showing typical isolation spectrum. We use five types of polarization set ups in our isolators. Each of which allows for a different maximum power level. The Polarizer Types tab gives a short tutorial on these polarization set ups. Finally, the Isolator Tutorial tab gives a basic introduction on the principles behind isolator design and how they work.